Bill RichardsBill Richards, Managing Member & Legislative Relations
Gainesville, FL

Bill Richards, a graduate of the University of Florida, has more than twenty years experience working on political campaigns in north central Florida for progressive candidates. During that time he also served on numerous boards and committees in Alachua County. Bill has been a registered lobbyist for the Florida Legislature since 2006 with a particular focus on advocating for progressive causes and issues. In 2007 Bill founded Paddle Florida a non-profit whose mission is to raise awareness about water conservation, wildlife preservation, restoration of springs and protection of waterways in Florida.
Susan BottcherSusan Bottcher, Political Communications
Gainesville, FL

For more than 25 years Susan has served on a wide variety of community boards and non-profit committees in Alachua County. Her work since 2004 had focused on progressive political activism for Democratic candidates for office. Susan's experience includes having completed campaign and candidate trainings offered through the Democratic National Committee, Democracy for America and the Florida Democratic Party. In 2011 Susan was elected to the Gainesville City Commission and served one term after which she returned to working behind the scenes on campaigns and for progressive causes.