Special Projects

The Walden Group and its members are actively involved in rural economic development and tourist development initiatives. Our associates consult with rural tourism providers, governmental agencies, and regional support organizations. The Walden Group stays current on issues related to economic and tourist development in North Central Florida, and are actively involved in policy development, training, and community collaboration efforts.

Our members have participated in projects in several rural county governments and business groups, including the Pure Water Wilderness, Suwannee River Wilderness Trail Working Group, Original Florida Tourism Task Force, Suwannee County Chamber of Commerce, Monticello Mainstreet Program, Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, and the University of Florida's Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS).

Our members know the issues and can provide assistance with visioning, marketing, formulation and implementation of plans related to tourism and economic development, local government land development regulations, ordinances, policy development and implementation, and legislative initiatives.

The Walden Group is available to consult with individuals and organizations on various projects ranging from issue advocacy, business development, marketing and advertising. The strength of our advocacy stems from dedicated professionals who have worked for many years on myriad projects in various capacities related to state and local issues.

Our members have a combined 100 years of event management experience on everything from Olympic Games to cross-state bicycle rides to mega music events./div>